Thursday, January 15


In December of 2007 we had a terrible storm in our area with hurricane force winds coupled with massive amount of rain, our area was declared a national emergency area with FEMA and all that comes with that.
Many historic buildings were ruined because of water damage and mold. One of the buildings is in our hometown. It has been a clothing and what not building for more years than I have been alive. A buyer has purchased it with plans to make it back into a grand hotel; I hope that they do.
boy, my floor needs a good stiff brush and murphy's oil soap-this weekend!

I told my kids about the shoes I had when I was young and it was the 70's. They were leather uppers that laced up and the bottoms were like a roller coaster without the loop de loops.

We found them! Aliss now wears the EXACT shoes (tan ones above)....I am giddy, giddy I say that my daughter is wearing the shoes I did when I was a girl. Sophie and Hannah also got shoes. Leather shoes for $5.

my word....

Hannah owns the ones in this picture. The minutes she saw them she said *oh mom!, they are perfect reporter shoes!*
That's my girl...the same one who loves to set up her antique typewriter and have a cup of coffee (mostly milk) to type out the news.

The owners 0f the building have been selling off furniture that decorated the old hotel rooms and odds and ends in getting ready for the new owners. There are many things that I would LOVE to have, one of them being the be-u-tiful metal bedframe for $199. Oh my gosh....well worth the price they put on it but out of mine.

I love it that my children share a piece of my childhood.
Lori xo

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