Saturday, January 10

Late Christmas Goodness from Etsy...

I haven't had a chance to show some of the goodies that Tessa traded her handcrafts for to other Etsians yet and didn't want it to become June before I got a chance so here we go~

muddymoose has lip gloss in the slidey tins---have loved slidey tins since I was little
juicychristians made the most beautiful pendant...i love the colors and that it has writing on it.
mudhutt made a very cute ceramic plaque that Tes got a stand to put it on too.
DazzleDot's oatmeal soap..what great texture and smell.
my skin will be beautiful!

All of my children got me such thoughtful presents for Christmas but I wanted to give a shout out to these wonderful Etsy sellers for trading with my girl..(and to my girl for getting me such great gifts!) They make me proud to be a fellow Etsian.

Lori xo

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.Macri.Photography. said...

good work, Milky! you picked such beeeeeeeautiful things! :)