Thursday, July 17


There are certain foods that just say summer. For us fruit salad is one of them. We used to buy fruit cocktail and then just add cut up bananas to it, but found out that there were much to much grapes with brown ends on them for our taste.
Sophie cutting up banana

Now we find that making it ourselves from fresh fruit makes a whole lot more for less money and none is wasted because of canned brown grapes.

All sorts of fruit can go into a salad I guess but we prefer a pretty basic version-
  • bananas
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • peaches
  • apple slices
Fruit salad is perfect for little cooks to help. Cutting up bananas and taking grapes off of stems are pretty harmless. Even the stirring in of whipping cream would be a fun way to introduce *cooking*.

Yesterday I took 5 bags and 4 leather & suede clutches to a local boutique. We (the owner and I) are both happy with this arrangement. I LOVE having my bags in her boutique because it is a very trendy place and it makes me happy that I can make a quality bag that is also trendy.
cheesy, I know.

I just happened to drop them off in time for a big showing several businesses are having at the local Country Club and the theme is Hawaiian. She said she is going to take a few of my bags because of the large flowers in them. I won't object.

I am going to try out the idea of having one day a week that is a shop update day in my Etsy shop like several other ladies do that I know online. I can work on bags throughout the week and then come here and tell you all they are there instead of you looking there here and there. Sound good? Sounds more organized to me and that is what I am shooting for these days--organization.

Now that the Summer Collection the boutique owner has asked for is dropped off, I need to help Aliss with a few shirts she designed that didn't fit her very nicely to finish them up so she can wear her own creations. She has been asking me for help and waiting patiently for about a month.

Still pluggin along on reclaiming the house too and trying not to fizzle out.

Getting frustrated with the ongoing medical appointments to Chiropractic and Physical Therapy that are happening because a man rear ended us 2 years ago in a F350. Also, getting further frustrated at people who are insurance investigators looking up my ex-husband to ask personal questions about me and the kids. Good thing I don't have anything to hide.

Anyone else out there doing fix-it-up or beautification projects around the house this summer?

Hope you are enjoying your week!

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