Thursday, July 24

have the time?

In a couple of posts ago I said Hannah is the crafting queen of all 8 year olds...well the ones I know at least. She didn't get it from me...I am a sewer not a crafter. Well, I can make crafty stuff if someone gives me the heads up on what we are making but my Hannah....she can look at something and make it a new life as something else. Love it!

The girls and a couple neighborhood girls claimed the livingroom floor as a scrapbooking session the other day. Tessa had the neighbor girls running home for pictures and helped them and her youngest sisters make a scrapbook page for their own. (scrapbooking-another gene that skipped me...I would rather play with color in sewing dresses or handbags)

Anyway..while helping them sift through the aftermath of this session I came across this clock. After I flipped it over I noticed it was a small pizza cardboard bottom. I am nabbed it to save before the girls bedroom swallows it up. Mom's are entitled to first dibs aren't they?
A couple of weeks ago I was doing some late spring cleaning in my bedroom . Hannah happened to be in there and is perpetually begging to go through her baby box. I love the idea of a baby box. It makes life so much easier. She has two of these boxes. One is for small things from the hospital and cards of congratulations to her Dad and me; the other is a tote of favorite clothes she wore as a baby and that I made for her.Hannah had to wear the bonnet that goes with her Dedication Gown from when she was 6 weeks old.

It's amazing to me how the memories of designing this bonnet and Dedication gown come right back. Sitting down to sketch out what I wanted my baby girls special outfit to look like. Going to the fabric store and picking out fabric and trims just right for my girl. Sneaking away to sew it bit by bit over a couple weeks time and having to rip out the bodice and re cut a larger one at the end of the couple of weeks because my baby had grown so much.

The bodice seems to have a yellow spot on it though. I am going to handwash it and try to get it out.

The memories.....

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