Monday, July 28

remnant fun

Aliss made each bags with matching wallets from the remnant tote for her, her two younger sisters and two neighbor friends last week.

notice the shoeless child on the swing and the shoe in the yard...ahem.
When I was younger I loved swinging at the same time as another kid. It was like there was some magical pull that made you swing together and it was even better if you hung onto the other kids swing and they hung onto yours. This new generation (at my house anyway) do tandem swing tricks. For example; they will swing back at the same time and then do a twirl in the swing and then a flip. Talk about synchronized swinging. wowzers

Aliss is the one in the stocking cap--and yes it is July here.

I had my first official machine sewing class today. I had three students beside Aliss; their ages range from 10 to 13. Three of the kids are girls and one is a boy. They have all chosen to do pajama pants for their first project. The second project will be a peasant top for the girls and a pillow for the boy.

I showed them their way around a pattern envelope, instructions and how to cut out their fabric with the pattern piece today, tomorrow is sewing. Yay!

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cyndyava said...

Way to go on the sewing class. I have fantasies of teaching a craft/art book class with kids one day. You are so lucky. I love that there is a boy in the class, too!
Your girls blow me away with their sewing abilities.
BTW, your blog is looking "fresh" as my high school students would say. (I'm a high school English teacher...)