Tuesday, February 26

ah, progress...

An apology to anyone who has stuck with checking my blog as I have disappeared this past week. I had all intentions to show back up last Thursday and here it is already the Wednesday after that. Where does time go?
The last time I was here I was talking about all of the moving around of rooms in my home.
Well, progress has been made... Slowly but surely the sewing room (studio) has been transplanted in the other end of my bedroom...I think this will work out very nicely.

A large shelving unit separates that part of the room from my part of the room. I will eventually find pretty fabric, use a dowel, eye hooks, small chains and hang it from the ceiling like a curtain. For now I am just enjoying not stepping on dress up shoes and banana peels from a bedtime snack from two girls under the age of 9.
I instead get to look longingly at my sewing machine (this machine isn't the most high tech or beautiful, but it was bought for me by my ex-husbands now deceased Grandmother after she found out I was making my sweet baby everything by hand- needle and thread to be exact). this machine is now over 16 years old and clunks as I use it but cannot imagine any other machine at this point in my life.
and bright, cheerful piles of fabrics and trims.
(the shelving unit was snatched out of an already full bedroom...we downsized the books on it--still have two shelves full at the bottom?)

ah sweetness.....

More to come on the progress of the room swap....stay tuned.

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cd&m said...

Looks like it is all coming along nicely, looking forward to seeing more.