Tuesday, February 19

my response to a friend....

(sewing stuff in the dining room...and other things too...ugh.)

After writing the below response to a friend I saw how over extended i am and will be taking a weensy break til Thursday of this week.
hope to see you all when i get back--i have a ton to tackle (good thing there are many hands around here)...... but will miss you!

(Sophie carrying down a sack of bedroom garbage-you know like tags off clothing and pictures drawn eons ago but just *had* to be kept. I dont think so babies..)

feeling so stretched now too...not a book. but swapping out three rooms, one being my studio/homeschool room/computer room for an 11 year old boys bedroom. I wont even get started on what i am finding in this boys bedroom while trying to swap it out up and down stairs.
sigh... my studio stuff is all in the diningroom while i am swapping the two little girls out of the other end of my room into their brothers old bedroom and then i will put my studio in the other end of my bedroom--while going to college, schooling the kids and trying to run my home business. oh and the rear end went out of the van over the weekend...aaaah, the intricacies of life.
but i love all of it --just not so much of it all front and center at the same time...
oh and also writing up the demand letter for the insurance company from my son finishing his medical stuff from us being rear ended in 06.

be back soon!

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