Sunday, February 17

Etsy love....

I am so impressed with the community at Etsy. There is such a diverse amount of artists on there.Like my friend NataJane....crocheter, seamstress and painter...along with wife.

Within the last day I have chatted on the forums, something I hadn't had time to do. To be honest I was a little intimidated because of the amount of artists and crafters on there to have anything to say in a chat.
I have been welcomed so nicely and people like my Etsy store. weeeeee!

While surfing through the forums I came across a post telling about it...since I dont know if I can link directly to Etsy's forums-- try this post. Her husband went missing last week here in Washington State.
Etsy artists and crafters have showered her with so much suppport, prayers and financial assistance during this very emotional time for her and her children.

Etsy I am so proud to be a part of you.

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nataJane said...

Oh, I saw that post last night too! When I checked it again this morning, I see that they are collecting things to give to the kids, and organizing meals and stuff... I wish that poor family all the best...