Thursday, February 7

homemade lemony sweets....

Tessa tried out a recipe she found in one of our thrifted magazines from the free pile at the library. Lemon bars...homemade goodness. Just now finished them off.....

she used real butter instead of the margarine though and tried out white rice flour for the crust too (we are trying out different gluten free things to see how our tummies react) came out great!
i am ready for more of her cookin'--Tes likes to cook sweet things but can cook regular things like dinner for 6 and stuff.
Tonights dinner- giant meatballs and corn on the cob (easy)
I will see if I can get any pics of the meatballs before they are inhaled by the kids.


cd&m said...

They look good, can I come to tea? Please!

Lissilulu said...

I would love it if you would come to would need to be ready for several performances in singing, comedy, dancing and acting though as there are several performers in the family.