Saturday, February 16

recipe for fun...

3 parts boys + 1 part lumber cast off from a local roofing company
(my son Zack is in the middle)

1 part rechargeable drill ( first power tool Zack got from his Dad)
1 part abandoned neighborhood lot

They even got three tab and roofed the top...details inside show a true carpenter in the making. There are two shelves...oh, I guess the bottom one is actually a drum for the littlest of the crew to play on.
These guys worked on this for at least 3 1/2 hours non stop, running back and forth to the house where the roof is being done for free stuff. The roofers were all watching over toward the field from the top of the house they were roofing to see what these boys were doing with the wood they gave them. My son was proud when he stood on the roof of his fort for the first and one of the roofers gave out a loud yell of excitement that Zack did it.
This time frame of watching my boy turn slowly into a man is amazing. I already miss the days of him needing me for everything and the chubby little fingers and wrists, but am so very proud of watching the man in him emerge.
When the two younger boys were building with him today I could see moments from watching out of my window of Zack teaching them something then giving a little pat on the back or something like guys do to each other.
fine day.....

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