Tuesday, January 1

Welcome 2008!

Last night the kids and I had our Snowflake Party. We started out about 5 years ago doing it as part of our Christmas Advent chain of fun things to do before Christmas. Last year I bummed out and did it after Christmas though (can't remember why) and this year I thought it fit better on New Years Eve.
It did.

We string lights all over the dining room ceiling and turn off the main lights, listen to Christmas music, and have stacks of white paper all over the table for snowflake cutting.
This year we tried out hand at having the scalloped scissors for the cutting too.
Turned out cute.

I also bring in hot cocoa and sugar cookies on a serving tray with Christmas napkins to the kids.
Presentation is everything right? ~grin~

We talked a bit about why people get so excited at the thought of New Years.....
* some people have had a hard year and the prospect of starting a new year is hopeful to them.
* some people have had a good year and are excited at the thought of another year like it.
* some people dream about wonderful things to come.
* some people just like to dream......

I wish you all a wonderful dream-filled New Year.

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nataJane said...

I love Christmas and New Year traditions! Your kids will remember them for years...