Thursday, January 3

kitchen valance...

Since I sit here incredibly bored with not enough time to really get into a project or cleaning before I go pick up Tessa from work I thought I would post a random picture.
I had a piece of yellow fabric draped across my window for the longest know with the swoop in the middle and ends trailing down the sides....very traditional.

While going through my newly acquired fabrics from the furniture store that gives them to me I found some favorites.
You cant tell but these are barn red and normal red, orange, lime green (well not quite lime) and a teensy buttersctoch.
I love it.....i also love polka dot and stripes mixed.
so it is cheerful for me.
the window framing has since been finished into a caramel color too.

There's my random post.~grin~

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Anonymous said...

Being bored has its advantages - means we get to read a new post! Happy New Year to you.