Tuesday, January 8

i L-O-V-E college...

I went to my first day of classes today.
I dont take a full day of classes but I am taking a *full load* which is 12 classes.
The first day was pretty much just them telling us what we will be doing and then being released early. I had extra time between classes and went to the library......oh...Love!

I had forgotten how much i love having my own textbooks and homework...i know...silly for some to hear that but i love it.

also getting up earlier than i normally would has gotten my day off to a good start and has made me get organized in ways i havent been made to that i needed to.
i have planned out a weekly breakfast menu for my 13 and 16 year old daughters to make for the three younger children and themselves while I am gone.
i am very proud of my children as we start out this journey......you know having a vision for something really gives hope and direction.

The Word says Man perishes for lack of vision....very good word.


The Milkshake said...

Way to go Mommy!
Keep up the good work!!!

Love Tessa xoxo

nataJane said...

Congratulations Lori! I'm so glad to see that you are able to take classes as well as take care of your family. What courses are you taking? My mom started taking correspondence classes when I was just starting college. She was getting her teaching degree... Congrats again :)

-natalie g

Lissilulu said...

Thanks Tes.

I am thinking I am going into human services and then see what a more direct course of action is in pinpointing what specific job.
I would love to counsel children.
Right now I am taking a sublevel math to get myself up to college levels although i only need two more classes to make the requirement for human services.
i am also taking an online writing course (sigh...stretching me for sure), a study skills course for easy credits (heehee) and fitness lab. Fitness lab is treadmills and state of the art resistance machines so i am excited to get trim again.
i would love an art degree or entrepreneur or something but have been counseled to get a broad (read safe) degree.

UnschoolingMama said...