Monday, December 31


I couldn't believe my eyes today at Ross when I saw this wallet. Brown is a plus first off...even though there was a similar one in black that I hemmed and hahhed (is that really how you spell that word?) over. I loved the soft feel of this one and it didn't get smaller at the top.

also it being green inside was an added bonus. The price tag was $6.99. I almost yelled across the handbag section out of pure excitement to Tessa but contained myself til she was at least 15 feet from me.
I have already shown my trophy to my best friend...told her that now I feel like a *grown up*.
After looking at these next few pictures of my old wallet you will see why.

scrolling down to give you a chance to not look....hideous wallet warning.....

okay, i warned ya.... come I never seen it was this bad? This must be what they mean by really seeing something.
The other day I pulled Tessa and Aliss's pairs of fluffy slippers (which weren't fluffy anymore) out of the dryer.
Since they just got a new super fluffy pair from Suzanne for Christmas you wouldn't have thought it would be sooooo hard to part with the old pair....nope...there were almost tears.
I told them to look at them as if someone else had outgrown them and was trying to give them to them looking like that.....would they take them? ick. out they went.

So why didnt I see my wallet?
I dont know but I sure did when I saw the new one.....ahhhhhhh.

And don't ya love the chipped nails on my *grown up fingers* to go with my *grown up wallet*? ~snicker~ sometimes it takes awhile.

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nataJane said...

Oooooh- I like it... Ilove that style of wallet, and such a pretty colour! Nice find!