Saturday, January 26


Have I said that alot lately? sure feels like it.
life is going a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y crazy.
first of all the online writing class for college is kicking me in the hiney. I had high hopes of a 4.0 grade level....well,....sheesh.
All I would like to do is pass the class with at least a B average.
right now we are studying appositive phrases, subordinate clauses, etc....and all of this of course ties in with what we learned last week of different types of pronouns. Did you know that there are at least 8! different types of pronouns. My brain has hit a wall....I cannot learn this stuff....albeit I am trying.

I have sold two more skirts in my Etsy shop and listed some new ones..I also sold 3 of my handbags at the local boutique Mane Attraction here in town. How fun is that to be busy with you things you have dreamed, then cut and sewn going to people in all different places? of our sweet boy kitties went missing on Wednesday this past week. The horriblest part of it is that the cat belongs to my daughter that has already lost two of her boy cats to sickness in the past several years and last week her bunny had a malfunction with his bunny cage and got out. Two days later he died...we think he somehow got into some poison across the street before we found him over there.
we have done the "missing" flyers and distributed them to the neighborhood and local grocery store with a substantial reward. How can you put a price on a beloved pet or your childs happiness when she has grieved so much already? sigh....

so anyway, been busy just a lil' bit.

P.S. Tessa and I do realize that Hannah looks hunchbacked in the title picture and are trying to figure out a different picture to put there....poor Hannah, her back must surely hurt. ~snort~

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nataJane said...

Wow... blast from English class past! Please no more!!! :) Best of luck with that. Congrats on the sales! I know exactly the feeling you mean.

I do hope you find the little boy kitty!