Tuesday, January 29



We have been having a Bonanza marathon here.
I feel like I am a neighbor to the Ponderosa and Little Joe and Adam will be coming on over and taking care of my fence anytime.
Of course Hoss would talk to my son Zack about the way to handle a pocketknife or brand a steer.

Tessa picked up one of the DVD packs at WalMart last week and we are still sorting through them.
At least it is an enjoyable past time.

My mom is here for a few days on her way back to Alaska. She had major back surgery and had to stay in New York state for a month after to make sure she healed up good before flying back home.
She showed up Monday morning bright and early (earlier than my kids wake up) and went into the kids bedrooms and smooched them.....what a treat for them.

We are fighting sore throats here while the snow is flying. Popsicles are aplenty right now.

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