Friday, January 18

saved from the trash....

The organizing bug (some may call it purging) has hit our home in stages. As Tessa was going through a large garbage bag of items I should have mended in the past year (ahem...) she found this denim jumper.

It used to belong to Sophie's older sister Hannah. It ended up with paint splatters on the lower front and something on the back but I just knew someday I would fix it.

Good thing daughters sometimes inherit some of their mama's genes huh? Tessa took to it real quick like and found fabrics she wanted on it. She even found cute heart buttons to add the extra special something. I have taught my girls that each item they make needs to have an element of surprise to it...I guess the buttons are that. I like em.

As you can see Sophie is very happy with the end result....a new dress for her. Real nice job Tes.
I like the black and fuschia you picked out for it.

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nataJane said...

Aw- It's cute! I remember wearing denim jumpers...