Friday, August 31

sad, sad day...

sad thirteen year old daughter Aliss's cat Pumpkin died this past week. My oldest daughter and I had an Art Festival Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday morning Aliss told me he didn't come for food the night before or Sunday morning.
Pumpkin was around 13 pounds....he never missed a meal....and loved us so much so wouldn't wander far from home. He had the most beautiful personality...since he was a baby kitten he would sprawl out on Aliss's belly with his legs straddling her belly and lick her cheeks. He and she loved each other so much. As he got older he fit the whole torso of her....he thought he was still a kitten. It was so funny because he was so large but had the smallest squeak for a mew.

The children gave him the most beautiful memorial all saying sweet things for him. Even their friends from the neighborhood came and put flowers on his grave. We really thought someone stole him off of the sidewalk because of being such a beautiful cat. I thought for a second maybe he got one of the strange quick cat illnesses but didn't think too long on it because of how healthy he seemed. Well, a friend of Tessa's (my oldest daughter) called and said he was partially under her house dead....what breath I had was sucked right out of me. Still have a sob caught in my chest because it just cant be true. We were going to put up thirty flyers with a reward tomorrow

My oldest daughters old cat went missing a few months ago too....having this sad occurence today with another beloved family pet has broken her heart all over again too.
Life is so precious......


Steve & April said...

I'm sorry, Lori. I hope you can find a new wonderful cat soon to comfort her. I was just at your blog and your etsy store earlier this week. It looks great!

Steve was a little iffy bout my decluttering. It's hard for him, fear of getting rid of something you'll regret, so I tried to stick to my own stuff. He likes the results, but the process is hard.


Tessa said...

Love you Mom! And you too pumpkin!

Love Tessa