Wednesday, August 29

Apron Strings

A few years ago Strawberry Shortcake came back on the scene.
My two youngest daughter ages 3 and 5 at the time were so excited with the cuteness of her and the sweet upbeat songs on the show....
I remembered watching Strawberry Shortcake growing up but this was a little different.
It wasn't until I went to the grocery store and found one of the original movies from when I was a young girl .... 1970's that I seen how different it was.

Well....this past winter I found a sheet at the thrift store that was the original Strawberry Shortcake.
The panels on this fabric were soooooo cute!

A few weeks a go I cut and cut the the Strawberry Shortcake sheets and made lined aprons for my three younger girls.
Even my 12 year old wanted one. ~smile~
They turned out so cute....

made extras for my Etsy shop,
I have taken them to the last two art festivals and all the woman and girls love them!
Speaking of craft fairs I will get some pictures from the art festival we went to last weekend up soon.

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