Thursday, August 23


The van decided to die yesterday when we were across town so we made lemonaide out of lemons and walked two blocks down and did some thrifting. ~grin~
My 16 year old daughter found this great suitcase for our trip East in October and the shoes are brand new.
Good girl!!
The inside of the suitcase is so vintage...we love it! She also found the crafty iron on stuff. We sure looked like something leaving the thrift store and walking the two blocks back to van with my five children, myself and the little boy I babysit...luggage and all! ~grin~

My ex-husband took mercy on us and replaced the coil and fuel pump in the far so good. It sure makes you think realllllly thoroughly about if every trip is really needed if you arent sure the vehicle will start back up after you turn it off.

Have a GREAT Day!


Tessa said...

Love you Mom!


cd&m said...

Glad the van is sorted out hope it stays that way.