Friday, September 7


boy, what a week.....

i know i have left that sad post about our sweet kitty up there a tad too long without something more cheerful but i have hit the floor running this past week....been extremely crazy.

*an uninvited guest came to our house---strep throat. sigh....i think the little boy that i babysit and practically lives at our house brought it. my almost 8 year old started running a fever and a visit to the ER (because as you know they are never sick enough when the regular doctors office is open) and a swab of her little throat told the tale of strep.
They gave antibiotics but knowing how it would knock her immune system out along with the germs I decided to do some searching on a hunch I had.
i searched out strep throat and GSE.
I always liked GSE but after reading all the good info I turned up with the search I had even more faith in it.
She (and everyone else to be safe) are getting orange juice, emergen*C raspberry flavored, and GSE in a dixie cup three times a day along with her getting childrens Echinacea.
She perked up by the next day and no fevers.
I am happy.

Along with that I found out the little guy i babysit has sleep apnea....that is a bit scary and especially seeings how I am only the babysitter. i sure dont want anything horrible to happen while he is sleeping at my house. didnt start this week as planned but that is the glorious thing of homeschooling.
I am taking this time and finishing up last minute planning so we start off on a nice foot.
I love the primary colored paper folders with three prongs in them for xerox papers to go in....something about those cheerful colors in a school basket.

the sun has been out and i am really appreciating that for sure.....another thing i appreciate is the sneak away time I had with one of my favorite friends today to a fun little coffee shop for a good uninterrupted talk and a very yummy caramel coffee and a side trip shopping for things like the notebooks at WalMart.

hopefully we are all pulling out of it...breyers almond bars always help ease the pain


cd&m said...

Hope everyone is soon feeling better.

Tessa said...

Hi Mommy,
That Grape Seed Extract sure is bitter.

Love Tessa