Thursday, August 9

Red Queen Me

I keep my budget in a spiral notebook...I guess I am still as technically challenged as I was when the computer came into our home 8 years ago. I still find it relaxing to write each item down on a line with the amount to be paid....
Last night I got a treat when my youngest one asked if she could draw on the back of the page...with it being late I figured it would be a small drawing.
I left to tidy the kitchen a quick minute before bed and came back to the beautiful portrait she said is of ......ME! truly be as beautiful as this fair lady...although I have to say the hair is quite accurate except for the coloring.
My oldest daughter dressed up the artist earlier in the day using a tank top and a piece of sparkly fabric...Sophie picked the *jewel* for her beee-u-tiful necklace from my pursemaking supplies.
She is a gem to me.


The Milkshake said...

I LOVE the crown, and that hair is way cute!

Sophie is so much fun to dress...she is like a cute little doll! :o)

cd&m said...

What a brilliant picture your youngest drew.