Sunday, August 19

when it rains it pours...

My oldest daughter and I took some great pictures of all of my collection to get it in my Etsy Shop.
We were soooo excited.
Kodak Easyshare is having some sort of fit on our shows an error with a very long number attached to it.
The pop up asks if you would like to go to their online help section...well, yes I would thank you.
I go to the help section and sift through numerous pages of other long error numbers....nothing, nada, zilch.
So I now await Monday morning to call the help phone number so we can get pictures of my purses online so you all can see them.

Fast forward to today after church. Myself and the little guy I babysit (my kids are camping with their dad) stop off to drop off some movies at Blockbuster and for me to use a free movie coupon to watch by myself tonight.
We come out and the van wouldnt start....turns over like a top but doesnt *fire up*.
So I figure I will treat the little guy to a cheeseburger McDonalds style across the parking lot while we give my nerves and the van a breather.
Come back and it still doesnt start.
i call his mom to see if I can bum a ride.....been an extremely long time since I have had to do that.
Come home and figure I will calm myself by shampooing my out of control supposed to be cream berber livingroom carpet while my kiddos are out of the house and i can open the doors on a sunny afternoon.
set about pretreating the spots ...... got the shampooer all set suction...tear it all apart...nope not gonna work for me.

When does a girl call it quits and just go sew?......
Right about now. ~grin~

oh! exhusband picked up the keys to the van and went across town to check it out with all of the kids with started up for him....
i should have known.....

I left it there for now..until he is with me when I try to start more frustration for me today thank you....

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cd&m said...

Oh my goodness don't you just hate it when you have days like that? Hope everything is going well for you now.