Friday, August 3

Friday night home-made goodness

Mmmmmmm...what a yummy night we had here. I am still stuffed. ~grin~

I finally had my act together to do the traditional at our house homemade pizzas to go with the sleep downstairs-movie night.
My 12 year old daughter (13 this Sunday) makes a triple recipe for the 16 year old shreds up mozzarella and cheddar cheese and tosses it with parmesan.
The two littlest of my family as seen below butter the pans and their fingers and help spread the dough on the pizza pans.
Off the dough goes in the oven to precook while my son cuts up the black olives...I probably get about half the can cut up and back on the counter after all the little fingers sample them.
I guess there is enough quality control in this home!

Hannah(almost 8) and Sophie (5) got their wish this time to make a yummy creation out of left over dough...and with those little faces who wouldnt make sure there was dough left over for them?
Hannah spread her dough just right and covered it with brown sugar...Sophie made a ring of dough around the edge of her pan, smothered it with brown sugar and stuck fresh blueberries in it.
They both turned out waaaay too yummy.
The girls LOVE to put on the Strawberry Shortcake aprons I made them out of a vintage sheet I thrifted....soon there will be some in my shop.

After seeing the yummy things the girls were making the boys wanted in on the action.
My son is the one licking his fingers (brown sugar) and you can see the chubby little four year old fingers of the little boy who has become like a family member because I have started babysitting him so much....wouldnt bother me one bit to have him here forever. ~grin~

I could tell right away that the little guy had never had a chance to smear a pie pan in butter let alone his own fingers...he wasnt quite sure what he thought of it...but he wanted to make what he saw the girls make bad enough and pretty soon he was really liking it...he stretched the whole process out to about 15 minutes.

mmmmm...the pizza exceeded my expectations.....mmmmm...good food, good memories.

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The Milkshake said...

That pizza was good!