Thursday, February 26


My favorite sweater that I had just gotten from the thrift store ended up with a snag after just a few weeks. It has sat and sat in the mending pile because I just couldn't get rid of it and I couldn't bear to cut it up for some other project.
UNTIL...Amy over at Angry Chicken got me revved up about giving sweaters new life. She even got the fur accent going on with her sweater.

The aforementioned snag was across the back, it was at least 4 inches long and there was no way to pull it back through. So I found a cover up in my stash; satin ribbon and embroidery floss.For the past two nights while snuggled in bed, right after reading to the little girls I embroidered a row on the ribbon. It wasn't hard work just me getting too tired at the end of a full day adn not being able to stay up as long as I used to. hmmm...

I like how the two rows look instead of one row along the middle of the ribbon.
Now I get to keep my sweater and feel satisfied that I can say I actually have embroidered lately...if you can call this embroidering. :o)

P.S. Aliss and I share the necklace.


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randi said...

What a great idea! I love the addition of the ribbon!