Thursday, February 5

jr high boys...

When I think of Jr. High ages boys I think of young roosters. Trying to show everyone that they are tough and make a lot of commotion. I sure love my little rooster.
We were given a hoop years has sat out in the back of the driveway for at least three years. This past week the boys rolled it down to the other end of our property (street corner) to be able to have some quality time on the *courts*.
It has been working out quite well and even some of the neighbors have used it.

I like it when something that simple works so well.
Lori xo


Fledgling said...

I think every street should have a basketball hoop anybody can use. And a few traffic cones to keep things slow.

I think sometimes, when we search for a community online, we forget that there's a great community right outside the front door.

Go Roosters!


lissilulu said...

I agree!
I was just thinking the other day about how it would serve our country very well to have a basketball hoop about every 4 blocks or so.
Imagine all of the interaction between neighbors and kids & adults getting off of their duffs. :o)