Sunday, February 22

February is:: Delivered flowers

Remembering my first flower delivery from one of my children.

Tessa has a part-part time job working with her grandmother in a property management office and used some of her hard earned money to buy her mama some *delivered* flowers.

all's right in the world....


Heliotrope Tree House said...

LUUUUUV that new banner! That is an awesome daughter you have there, but I'm sure you know that better than anyone! I want all of your secrets, please!!!! Hope life is treating you well!

UnschoolingMama said...

So pretty!! What a girl!


lissilulu said...

Heliotrope, she is pretty awesome. hmmm..secrets are that I am real to my kids in a way that they know I am not perfect, I have fun with them, allow them to make mistakes, and they know they are needed (as in please make dinner tonight; mmmm, that was yummy. Are those the secrets of the mommy universe? :o)

Unschoolingmama, I agree. :o)
Lori xo