Friday, February 20

Community involvement

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
I thought this walk was only local to us but at the website I found out that it is a nationwide thing. The website is so full of information about it nationwide.

I am so excited to be getting involved and my children will be there too.
We are raising sponsor money for our participation in the walk--all proceeds will go toward the Beyond Survival Resource Center which provides:
*24 hour crisis hotline
*assault prevention & intervention
*school age programs
*individual therapy
*support groups
*legal advocacy
*school-age programs
*medical advocacy

If you would like to be a part of helping this organization out you can email me for information on how to sponsor my family in the walk; even amounts as small as $5 would be helpful.
*email address is at the top right column

End of public service announcement and thank you for your time.

Lori & Kids xo

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