Monday, February 2

sounds & smells

Right now::

*silverware clinking while Aliss does dinner dishes
*Hannah and Sophie chatting at the diningroom table
*the fan whirring behind the woodstove blowing warm air around our home
*Zack and his friends outside on the street corner bouncing the basketball to shoot hoops
*keyboard tap, tap, tapping away as I sit here and chat with you and check my online part of college classes
*cockatiels tweeting to make sure everyone knows they are there

*bazooka bubblegums sweet smell as I blow bubbles while typing
*remainder waftings of cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham that we had for dinner floating through the house
*Tessa's freshly shampooed hair as she checks on what I am doing (more accurately, wants back on here)

There is some peace with the sounds & smells of the end of the day and knowing bedtime is close...we made it through another day, we are warm & dry, fed and know we are loved.

Lori xo

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