Wednesday, April 9

my turn...

It's my birthday today!
I woke to breakfast in bed from the kids and presents.
I will update with pictures later today or tomorrow.
hope your day is just as fine!

ps...i made my second treasury on Etsy!
this time with one of my own skirt designs:
my Giddy-Up skirt-it's still available in my shop.
If you have a little girl in your life that loves horses (and wears a size 3)
you could take a peek. :o)

ACTUALLY, I am in another.
My third treasury.
This one has my market tote and a matching wallet that Tessa made to go with it.
These two pieces are made from vintage pieces and recycled fabrics from the high end furniture show room we get the fabric from.

what a birthday gift!


The Milkshake said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Love Tessa

Randi said...

Happy birthday to you! What sweet kids you have!

nataJane said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on the treasuries :)