Tuesday, April 15

better late than never...

School and home life has been out of control. I am ashamed to see how far and in between I have been in posting. ~blush~
I will try to do better. So much has been going on around here too, I wouldn't have a lack of things to post about-just lack of time. LOL!
The cake is the gluten-free-carrot-cake-from-scratch Tessa made me. I love how it glows in this photo. As you can see I turned 6 this year. *heehee*

The frosting is cream cheese based. I love two layer cakes. Love the way they look and to be able to scoop down through the layers and have frosting in between. I am so proud of her in adapting the recipe from our loved neighbor's traditional carrot cake recipe to gluten free.
We are trying out different recipes in gluten free to see if some of our stomach problems seem to go away. One thing is spaghetti night. We all seem to *feel* hungry about 30 minutes after a meal. Shouldn't be with the amount we have eaten. So, we tried corn noodles and brown rice noodles and we didn't have that problem after the meal. Coincidence?

loved this tag from Sophie

I loved all of my presents-
homemade apron (its purple too mom-neener neener)
scented rice pack for my dresser
non scented large rice pack for the freezer for after physical therapy
two shirts-one bought by Tessa and one by Sophie(her own money)
dehydrated apple pieces-(dehydrated by the child)
cute handmade pillow
mini scented jar candle
a lasagna casserole (family sized) for an easy dinner I didn't have to make
a $10 Starbucks card...mmmmmm

boy, was I spoiled or what?


Jackie Collins said...

Yup, you were spoiled....where do I put in my order for my birthday menu? It's coming closer....and closer....and closer....whhaaaaah! I am so glad you had such a lovely birthday....including the purple apron!!!
Your mother loves you ...

cd&m said...

Birthday's are for being spoilt, glad yours was a good one.

UnschoolingMama said...

Totally spoiled!! What great kids you have!