Wednesday, April 30

gone again, gone again, jiggity jig...

Boy, does time fly when the camera has been displaced (under the middle seat of the minivan...hmmmm) for a week. I have missed so many snapshots to share with you.

Yesterday we went to the grand re-opening of one of our city bridges. While waiting for the festivities to begin we took a walk on the sidewalk along the river. Sophie couldn't even pick and hold all of the wild flowers that grow along the river. It was really sweet because when we reached the bridge base there was a lady there who is now at the age of 94 years old. She was 14 and there when the bridge was originally put in. Sophie gave her bouquet of flowers to her. What a proud mama was I and the look in that womans eyes showed she was proud of Sophie too. sigh...

All of us who braved the cold northwest winds and freak showers got to walk up the bridge deck after the local high school band and oldies cars went over it. It has been closed for 10 weeks getting gears redone and a new bridge keeper (is that a real word?) house on top of it.

Hopefully, you are getting some sunny spring days where you live.

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