Friday, March 6


In our family we have the tradition of the birthday person getting breakfast in bed and everybody else in the family piles on their bed with their gifts for them while singing very loudly the Happy Birthday song.
Sophie turned *7* yesterday...oh my, it is different when the youngest one keeps getting older isnt it? It couldn't have been seven whole years since I held her for the first time.
Aliss made her two pouches and inside was another piece of felt with an S embroidered on it with a special rock sewn on. Sophie loved it and I thought it was very creative. I haven't seen a rock sewn onto fabric before and I think she attached it nicely so it wont be going anywhere.

I got Sophie a pink leotard and slippers for Christmas and Tessa thought she needed another outfit (we all know ballerinas like to have extensive wardrobes too) so she got her a black leotard and black slippers.
Somebody make time stand still for at least one week...I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Tessa said...

SIGH.. she is getting sooooooooooo big!

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful. Can I say that I am a tad jealous your youngest is now 7, such a fun- yet self-sufficient- age.

I love your traditions!

shelia said...

so sweet! and it goes by so quickly..enjoy!