Monday, March 2


I love wearing this tweed skirt...mostly because it feels handmade. The brown has flecks of other colors in it so it matches a lot of shirts. I wore it last week with my unsnagged coral/orange colored sweater and it felt so cheerful.
I like how the flowers are made with the same tweed but the fabric goes different directions to add more interest.
Last night I started cutting out some of the smaller pieces (2x3 inch) of colored leather that I saved from the furniture showrooms dumpster...cutting, cutting into individual leather flower petals. I am going to see how a brooch made from different colored leather petals would look with a large button center.
As soon as it is finished I will show it. :o)

I wanted to thank Randi and Cyndy for your kindness in my last post. I wasn't sure if I should share such deep feelings of inadequacy here when most blogs only talk about the upside of things. Thank you for reaching out in friendship...I feel encouraged.


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