Friday, March 27


We now have another teen person in this family.

ZACKA mug Zack got etched for me for Christmas a couple of years ago with him on it

The party started on Thursday, March 26th (his birthday) and will continue through Sunday. How great for him right?

He got breakfast in bed (mega breakfast burrito and sweet coffee),
no chores allll day,
a trip to a local mom and pop burger joint (we all got ice cream but he got a bacon burger).
personalized rock from Aliss

Today-Friday he gets two buddies to spend the night and will have a build your own sub buffet.

Tomorrow-Saturday friends will come for cake and ice cream to our house.
origami present with money made by Sophie

Sunday-his dad is having a birthday party for him with all of his relatives.

He sure lucked out!

I am liking some of this boy getting older stuff though--some pf this protective of mom attitude I think I can handle, yep it feels good.

He still hunts frogs, wrestles in the livingroom, leaves socks all over the house and knows how to cook a mean fried egg sandwich....and then share.

I think I'll keep him.



Cluck and Tweet said...

Oh, thirteen! I'm totally losing it over my eldest turning 10 (10!) next week. He still hunts frogs and builds snow forts, still likes to cuddle up and read fireside with me. So I guess we just enjoy each day with them-- not get too wistful for those younger years....but still I sure do wish time would stop, just for a few days (or years):)

Marty said...

They grow up so fast! My GRANDSONS are 13. My son, their Dad, will be 40 next week. Boy do I feel old! Enjoy him while he's still there. They do go away fast!