Wednesday, December 5


my children and myself just made it through a very scary event.
we in the pacific northwest thought we were facing 50mph winds ...we have had those before.
we ended up with a nightmare.

i am still digesting it.
the power came on about 20 minutes ago.
i fear i am a bit traumatized.
to be a woman alone watching your carport roof flapping in the breeze like a piece of paper in front of a fan and know your children are upstairs sleeping.
very scary...very scary.

we made it and found out we are stronger than we thought.
in the next few days my daughter will upload some of the photos she took and i will share them with you.

at this moment i am overwhelmed at the time lost for our finances from my sewing.
i dont know about our bills coming and how that will play into how much of a Christmas my children will experience this year.
time will tell...

photos to come...

thankful for electricity...
thankful for woodstoves that work...
thankful for neighbors and friendly conversation...
thankful for no trees crashing through my house or floods forcing me to evacuate....

so very thankful.


Noodle said...

I am also thankful....for a daughter with so much strength and determination, faith in God, trust in her family, and the common sense that she uses so well. I trust that the "lateness" in the sewing tasks will be understood by all those who know what you have been experiencing and it WILL all be FINE. I love you and am so glad that all of you are safe and unharmed physically by all that the Pacific Northwest weather has seen fit to throw at you...I am proud of you and feel so blessed that even if I am thousands of miles away and cannot reach out to you physically, you know I there with you all in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness so pleased to know that you are safe and well I remember how scary the big storm was here in the 80's we only lost a few roof tiles but somehow or other all the chimneys decided to dump their soot in the hearths. For hearths read half way across the rooms!