Friday, December 28

quiet night at home

after meeting a new online friend who crochets beautiful, timeless pieces of clothing I have decided to redo my blog to a calmer more peaceful template. I love chocolate brown, buttercream and barn red the most of all colors. Her blog is chocolate brown.....ahhhh soothing for me.
i thought i would try out the buttercream background.....i like it much better than my old one already.

when my oldest daughter Tessa is back home tomorrow I will have her do her magic with the banner size and a new picture in it too then it will fit much better.
I would much rather sew for 4 hours straight than to try and figure out how to get a picture out of hp pictures into a rectangle at the top of my computer screen.

i have been cleaning out the sewing/computer/kids craft room tonight.
i am at odds with myself and am not sure i am just being too uptight....the kids stuff is mutating and taking up more and more of the room....mostly the floor.
i had their Dad make a cubby space for each of them for crafting (because I like to encourage them that way--craziness) BUT there are five of them.

you get the drift.

if the floor could be kept cleared and at least their cubbies a little cleaned (you know how creative types are) i dont think i would feel so trapped in.
ANYWAY...i sit here feeling much better after clearing the floor, half of my sewing desk, cutting out a custom handbag that my massage therapist ordered and having built a castle out of foam alphabet pieces with my 5 year old daughter Sophie.

Air1 is cranked on the computer so the atmosphere is upbeat too.
you know how atmosphere is half the battle.

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nataJane said...

Lol! I tell myself (and my hubby) every day that I am going to organize our "workroom" (living room). It's not a large room, but right now it has two easels, two boxes of paints and supplies, random music equipment, two bookshelves of our dvds/books/magazines, both of my sewing machines, and the camera and it's tripod... I understand how you feel :) Everytime I want to take photos, I have to clear out the corner...

I look forward to seeing the changes you make to your blog's face! I'm glad I could be of some inspiration...