Monday, September 10


In the past 6 months I have found so much encouragement in the blogging community as a stay at home, crafting Mama...

I find that locally in my life I have several home school friends...none are crafty or I have crafty friends that dont home school...or several friends that are moms but not stay at home.
I'm not saying that their is anything wrong with not being crafty or not homeschooling...just that it is nice when two things are such a large part of your life to find other like minded women.

What is so strange to me is finding myself at a point that I feel so close to women that I haven't met in real life....such is the sign of the times.

There are three blogs I read daily....for different reasons.

Melissa of Tinyhappy is a stay at home mom...loves creating and making what she can out of recycled and natural fabrics for pleasure and for selling....

Amanda of SouleMama is a stay at home mom who unschools (we do also), creates for pleasure and to sell, and encourages other mothers to enjoy their families. She recently did a podcast to listen to all about her creative journey.
Amanda Blake Soule

Cherry is another of my favorite blogland friends...she is a homemaker and loves it and writes to encourage other women to love it too!
She also creates for pleasure and for selling.

There are many more womens blogs I visit but these are the ones who inspire me personally...their love of family and home are so evident that it makes me even more content and blessed feeling than what I already felt before I started reading their blogs for the day.

My daughter Tessa recently put in a site meter for me as I was feeling quite down for lack of comments on here---the comments have not picked up but I can see that indeed people are visiting me....yay!
Its nice to see I am not totally invisible in blogland.

Hoping you have a wonderful day!

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Cherry Menlove said...

Don't be silly! I'm so glad that you can now see just how many people stop by your blog. And what a wonderful blog it is!

Cherry xxxxx