Thursday, September 27

autumn in the air...

It seems everywhere you look in blogland this week (in the northern hemisphere anyway)
that fall is upon us. we can certainly feel it here in the Pacific Northwest...actually raining tonight.
My oldest daughter Tessa took down the fall box of decorating stuff from the attic and went to decorating the house this past week.
The dollar tree had the great glass plate kind of candle holder so we splurged on one of those. ~grin~

This is a mirror that is actually by the inside of my front door and the table and chairs is in the next room over. Tessa takes all of the pictures that go on my blog...she is getting pretty good if I do say so myself getting that view from the mirror.
No toys in the dirty fingerprints on the folded towers of laundry waiting for little fingers to take them upstairs to put away.
We are settling into fall real nicely here.....
What tradition or decorating do you do at your house to ready for fall?


Tessa said...

Well I go up to the attic I get a box of decorations and... LoL

Love you

Melissa said...

pretty fall decorations! your house looks very peaceful and serene. i love that early-fall time, looking forward to knitting and fires, soup and snow!

cd&m said...

Indeed Autumn is in the air, such a lovely time of year.