Friday, October 5

peeping chicken....

See anything that doesn't fit in this picture? Look closely.....
Usually we have a cat peeping in our kitchen window at us but imagine the surprise to walk into the kitchen and see this beauty.
This is one of our *girls*.
She must have flown the coop and thought this was the closest thing to a roost.

silly bird.....

Sophie lost her first and second *official* teeth this past week. The top one had to be taken out because of one to many run ins with the floor...the floor won.
when did my baby start looking so grown up? gotta love those freckles.

Sophie has been on an ornament kick this week. you cant tell from the photo but each one was hand drawn to perfection and then a thin strip of paper was cut for the hanger and stapled on.
many hours of fun for the little crafter. she would love to sell them but i dont know where to encourage her to do do they start this at the age of 5? wow....already a craft diva.
oh...the one on the far right is actually a puppet with a recycled limb from a tree that was laying in the yard....ever the recycler is that girl.


The Milkshake said...

Oh how cute, I want that puppet!
Sophie sure is a cutie!

Love Tessa :o)

p.s. come check out my door pillows in my shop!

Melissa said...

what a sweet selection of ornaments! i love that your daughter already has the recycling ethic :)

Felicia said...

LOL Love that chicken!