Tuesday, November 13

sewin, sewin, sewin....

wow...that turned out blurry but I wanted to share a w.i.p to ya for my Fall Trunk Show and dont have any more time to have Tes take another and all that entails so bear with me and pretend its beautiful will ya?
Dont ya love the decor too? ~grin~

phew its been full swing around here.
so far i have had orders for 4 of the Giddy-Up skirt...well sorta, one of them was actually a kitty skirt with a sweet little mouse on the back instead of the horseshoe.
I cant wait to make that order.....it will be so much fun.

When a friend at church said that she had some fabrics from the high end furniture show room she was an interior decorator at to give me I would have never guessed the journey I would have been on these past two years with the handbags.
People are telling me now *I saw one of your handbags at so and so on a ladies arm*.
What a thrill!

In the making of handbags however, I had forgotten how much I love to make little girls things.
I have been making little girls clothes for around 16 years now.....started when my oldest was a few months old out of pure need. Easter was coming and I couldnt afford one of the kind of dresses I wanted at the store so I started there.

My oldest daughter (Tessa) is now making things...she makes wallets, credit card holders, sunglass cases and mp3 player holders out of the recycled upholstery pieces too.
Last night she was hammering away at a snap on one of her creations and was fussing and fuming about one of the snap prongs going the wrong way...I hate it when you get in a groove and have to redo something too.

Anyway, it took me back to *the day* when I didnt know how to put in a button hole so I would hammer snaps in the seam and on the outside sew on a decorative button. ~grin~ Do what ya gotta do, right?

Right now I feel like I live in my sewing/computer room getting ready for my Fall Trunk Show in the fellowship hall of our church.
Its this Thursday, EEK!!
I keep thinking of new things that *have to be made*. You know how that is dont you? When you are getting closer to the date of something and keep remembering forgotten things.

Also, 5 kids still need schooling everyday and.....ahem..... to be fed and loved on.

phew! will update after Thursday about the Trunk Show.
I am hoping to make some fancy snacky foods and special drink like martinellis...Tessa has a classical cd we will play softly in the background too.....hopefully it all comes together. I am trying for the environment of a ladies getaway where you can have something yummy to eat, something relaxing to hear along with friendly conversation and pretty things to look at without having to brave a high end boutique clerk. ~grin~

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