Wednesday, November 7


Ooooooh, I am so excited to show you this skirt. Can ya tell by the title? One morning my daughter Hannah (8) woke up and asked for a horsey skirt. well, I wasn't too sure about putting a whole horse on a skirt and told her so but said I would give it a go on putting a head on one. we sat down and drew and drew horsey heads until we landed on this one.

This skirt gets heads turning where-ever we go....seems to be picking up speed on heading out the door as soon as i get em made.
i am still so surprised and tickled with the response.
when we came back from NY there was two local auction that i put one skirt in each.
one auction was for local businesses to show off their stuff and one was an auction to benefit a local mommies club.
the skirt pictured here is a style of the skirt i have for sale in my etsy shop for custom order. there will be two styles of lightweight with side panels like this one and one out of corduroy or other similar thickness of fabric without side panels.

Giddy-Up! heeheehee


lori marie said...

you did a beautiful job! i LOVE the mane:)

and the little embroidered horse shoe...very "oilily"!


Anna Maria said...

That is so awesome!!!
I love it, thanks for pointing me in this direction today :)

Lisa said...

This is really adorable. I love the extra dimension. Wonderful!