Thursday, November 15

can bearly sit still...

the time is drawing nearer and nearer for the Trunk Show tonight.
My 13 year old daughter Aliss just finished the big dish of brownies cooking. After the brownies cooked she tossed on heath toffee bits to melt onto the top.
We are going to cut those up into 1 inch pieces and arrange them prettily on a platter.
I found a sale on martinellis' sparking cider in the flavor of apple-grape and apple-cranberry.
I am going to fill my fluted punch bowl halfway with ice and use it as an ice bucket for the martenillis.
for a savory i am mixing three packages of cream cheese with a thing of salsa, putting it into a pretty bowl and arranging chips around it.

so exciting, so exciting.
this is the first trunk show *I* have hostessed....I have had two other parties and one was in an office lunch room at an orthopedic surgeons office and another in home of a friend.

we will share pictures tomorrow...Tessa promised to take a few before people start showing up.

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