Sunday, October 14

loose ends...

ever the procrastinator i am.....
we have known we were going on the family vacation back east to visit my dad, step mom and his side of the family for at least two months.
why then am i sitting here thinking of all of the things i need to accomplish tomorrow?
we leave to an overnight hotel tuesday so that leaves monday (tomorrow) to finish washing loads of laundry, fold them and have the kids put them away.
same with dishes.....
i know it is extra work to finish up the house before you leave on a trip but it sure makes the coming home easier....especially when it will be 6 of us coming home.

animals have caretakers
mail will be held
new shirt made for my oldest daughter
rides to the overnight hotel lined up
cleaning out the fridge of perishables tomorrow
yard cleaned up for winter so we dont have to do it in the rain when we come back

church was awesome sure dont know how much you miss something or someone until you havent seen it or them for awhile.
it has been at least 6 sundays since i have seen my church sick kid after another and when you are the only parent this can make for a loooooong stretch.
anyway, good to see everyone again.

the weather has been sooooo beautiful for the past three days....seems like real fall weather.
crisp air, sunshine, people hurrying up the last minute yard work or house painting before the rains come.
i have immense respect for paint ~grin~
we werent able to get the house painted this year (it seriously needs it) but i finally got my picket fence all white. at least this winter when it is all rainy and blustery outside i will have a pretty white fence to look at....exactly the reason i painted it now instead of next summer when the house will be that i will have something cheerful to look at outside.
i will post before and after pictures when we come back Oct 26th.
it is a MAJOR difference.

have a GREAT week!
Lori xo


Felicia said...

Enjoy yourself!

cd&m said...

Have fun