Sunday, July 15

Wow! My blog birthday passed without any fanfare...sooooo...

Life has been soooo incredibly busy that I missed my blog birthday.

Well then I will have to remedy that won't I?

In true Blog Birthday fashion I shall have a give away.

My friend Autum over at Creative Little Daisy used an online generator to pick the winner when she had a drawing so I think I will do it thataway also.
After my Art Walk this Saturday, July 21st I will post a picture of a handbag that will be up for the sure to check back for that special post....I will do the drawing post on Sunday so get your typing fingers ready!
I know that's teasing to leave you hanging until then but I think if I add one more thing to my brain before this Art Walk I will be sitting in the corner rocking back and forth with a thumb in my mouth. ha!

So thats the teaser...come back on Sunday and sign up to win the handbag I will have a picture of up for you all to see.

How exciting!

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cd&m said...

Belated birthday wishes, there's a little thankyou posted over on our blog for your kind comment.