Sunday, July 22

Art Walk 2007

This was my first year as a vendor in the Art Walk our area holds yearly.
I have to say for all the work leading up to was worth it. I made contacts with a local boutique and a gallery who are interested in my bags being in their businesses.
I handed out a whole bunch of business cards.
Sold some things...very happy with my sales for the day. :o)

My 16 year old daughter had a couple of smaller tables right next to me this year. This was her first year having her own.
She did very well. The light is shining right on the picture of the truck photo she did that everyone walking by just loved. It is of an old ford truck in a field right under a large tree with a fence post running through the lower part of the picture.
She is going to make notecards of that photo for sale soon.
She also makes bill folds and kitty collars among other things.
At the end of the day she asked another vendor there (an adult jewelry maker) if she would be interested in trading something of hers for a necklace the vendor had. She did want to.
Tessa traded a photo of a shrub dangling in the river and the light on the waters ripples was amazing.

I am sure you can tell I am a very proud Mama.

I am excited once again for is always a boost to get your stuff out in the public and see what a reaction you get!

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Tessa said...

*Blush* Thanks sweet Mommy!