Tuesday, July 10

family camping

This past Sunday we headed out to a community campsite. This is one of those you buy your lot (piece of land) and then pay yearly dues on it.
This place is like a community with lots ranging in variety from just a firepit and tent to a beautiful cabana with a seeded lawn.
Children and adults drive around on motorized vehicles like quads, bicycles and dirt bikes but the favorite of most is the golf cart.

This little squirrel was very persistent.....my father in law loves his squirrels as you can tell by the sign he has put up. LOL!
There were also two beautiful Blue Jays that hung around the outskirts of the camp site. I am sure they didn't know quite what to think when 5 children invaded the territory they normally knew as quiet and serene.

ALTHOUGH these Blue Jays let their displeasure be known around 6 in the morning. My 5 year old daughter said they sounded like the Game Cube game because they got to fighting so fast and shrill with each other.

Over all we had a GREAT time!

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