Saturday, April 7


Well, I was wrong about the Apparel Design being online or correspondence. those options are mostly Fashion Merchandising.

Next option please...
I started typing in titles on our online library system...very large system that you can put a hold on titles from several different libraries.

I have found the buried treasure on pattern making books and merchandising your product written specifically for home business handicrafters.

We are heading out to the Easter Egg hunt in about an hour and I need to get everyone fed and dressed warm. It has been especially warm this week but today decided to rain. LOL!
Our church is doing a beautiful dance/drama. Our pastor calls it Human Video. These kids are very talented who do this.


cherry menlove said...

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and didnt get too soggy.


Tessa said...

New post New post New post! :D ;)

Lissilulu said...

Cherry, thanks for the well wishes!
We didn't end up going...I chickened out of taking the children out in the weather after we all just got better. :o)
I cant remember what we did when we stayed home but it must have been fun because no bad memories stick out in my mind. LOL!