Friday, April 13

small update in my shop

Tes helped me get some of the things we already had pictures of in our Etsy shop.
I can say I definitely am not gifted in the area of computer and am grateful for her guidance. LOL!

Tomorrow we will also be adding a couple of really cute teapot cozies, coasters and mouse pads.

Here's a teaser for ya. ;o)

This style of teapot cozy opens all the way from the top to the bottom 1/4. The ribbon ties are to close it back up again after you have refilled your teapot with more hot, yummy tea. :o)
You can see on the right side an opening and there is another on the left for the spout and handle to peek out of so that you can leave your pot in this cozy as you pour your tea.


Polly said...

I LOVE that!!!

Great job and looking forward to seeing where this goes for you!

Tessa said...

Thank you for a post :D
You are right the Etsy shop looks better with more stuff!