Thursday, April 5

A Very Yummy Treat for me

I have been using upholstery grade fabrics that have been gifted to me from a wonderful gal who works as a Designer at a high end furniture store.
Working with these fabrics have been such a blessing. I, however have missed the bright color palettes of cotton fabrics.
Lately I have been wanting to make more things for little girls things and upholstery fabric can be too thick for summer.
I found this pretty on E-Bay today and bought some!

RJR Fabrics , "Pavillion" line.

I cannot wait to get this in my little fingers. I am already dreaming of what to make with it and what I can mix and match with it from fabrics I already have.
Can you hear it asking for stripes to play with?


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Tessa said...

WOW what a cute fabric!!! :o)